The Secret of Life: Quantum Coherence

Many life processes—such as the body’s recently discovered and mysterious ability to turn on and turn off genes, or the massive, and virtually instantaneous, coordination of quadrillions of life processes per second within the human body—cannot be fully explained by DNA preprogramming or by the relatively slow process of neuron signaling. Recent discoveries suggest that this intricate, intelligent coordination is instead the result of nonlocal information residing in our energy body controlling our physical body through quantum entanglement.

The new field of quantum biology—which surprised everyone with its discovery of chlorophyll’s entangled, phased, and synchronized dance when transferring sunlight energy—has encountered indefinitely sustained states of entangled interaction bridging between the nonlocal energy-verse and living systems, an interaction known as quantum coherence. Quantum coherence is the key difference between living and nonliving systems. It is no exaggeration to say that quantum coherence is the secret of life.

[The body] would be rather like a beautiful, exotic flower, flickering in and out of many dimensions simultaneously.—Mae-Wan Ho, geneticist and quantum biologist

We are beginning to see the entire universe as a holographically interlinked network of energy and information, organically whole and self-referential at all scales of its existence. We, and all things in the universe, are non-locally connected with each other and with all other things in ways that are unfettered by the hitherto known limitations of space and time.—Ervin Laszlo, philosopher of science, author of Cosmos: A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole-World