Free! A Conspiracy of Light

By Joseph Selbie

Copyright 2022, All rights reserved.

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(sci-fi/fantasy/spiritual fantasy)

A Conspiracy of Light is a story of page-turning action; magical moments of moving inspiration; dark and cold-hearted plans to exploit humanity; heroic self-sacrifice; a natural force greater than nuclear energy; transcendent knowledge; a world-crushing cyber-weapon, colossal powers used with restraint; modern threats made by ancient enemies; laughter and joy; spiritual mastery, reincarnation, and immortality.

It has suspense, action, chases, pursuits, mystery, shocks, surprise, cliff-hangers, and more. Shining through the action, like shafts of light, are profound spiritual experiences, humor, healing, loyalty, and great love.

The main characters in Conspiracy are asked to head off potential world-wide catastrophes without their influence ever being discovered by their adversaries—or the world. They have long been part of a conspiracy of light to safeguarded mankind. Their unknown influence has shaped the course of history, often intertwined with world-shaping figures such as Einstein, Galileo, Gandhi, Newton, and Michelangelo.

A Conspiracy of Light draws you along page after page.

Why then give it away for free?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you assume—if I’m giving it away for free—Conspiracy can’t be a very good book. What I’ve learned, however, is that enthusiastic early readers love it—but publishers don’t think there is a market for it. A score of top publishers—after politely, even reluctantly declining to publish Conspiracy—have said more or less the same thing: “It’s a good, well-written book—but spiritual fantasy doesn’t sell.”

So be it. If spiritual fantasy doesn’t sell I hope that at least it will be read.


Download the PDF