Resources for Meditation

How to Meditate–The Hong Sau Technique of Concentration

The more we practice concentration in meditation the more concentrated we become in life. Concentration brings us intuitive insights we can use in all aspects of our lives. Problem-solving becomes easier and our solutions more creative. We become more focused and less easily distracted. Learning becomes accelerated. We become more efficient. Performance, in everything from sports to playing music, flows more naturally and with less tension. We become more present in the moment.

The more we practice meditation the more our life improves. Minor health issues may fade away. We may find ourselves more open, considerate, lovingly compassionate, and more spontaneously helpful toward others. We may find ourselves more centered and les reactive in our emotions. We may find that we flow through our day with less resistance. We simply become happier.

How to Rewire Your Brain to Create New Habits

This methodical process for changing habits is based on neuroscience. Our brains wire neural circuits to support anything we do, making it, for example, easy to tie our shoelaces. The neural circuits we form support anything we do regardless whether it is good or bad for us. The art of creating new positive habits is to form a new neural habit circuits as quickly as possible, and as strong as possible, to counter a negative habit that we have already wired. The more methodical you are, the more successful you will be.

The first habits you should establish, if you haven’t already, are habits that support superconscious experience, especially meditation, because superconscious experience will not only transform you from within, it will supercharge your ability to form new neural habit circuits to support any other goal you choose. The more attuned you are to your innate superconscious awareness, the more dynamic you become; the more dynamic you are, the more rapidly and successfully you can form new neural habit circuits.