The Neuroscience of Self-Realization

If we are, indeed, one with God in our divine Self, why don’t we know it? How can such a stupendous and powerful Reality that is our own high potential remain so thoroughly hidden from us?There are many answers to that question, but as I explore in my book, Break Through the Limits of the Brain, the neuroscientific answer is surprisingly simple: Most of us, by late childhood, have unintentionally rendered ourselves neurally blind to everything except what our senses reveal–our physical body and the physical world around us. From earliest childhood onward we were encouraged to learn to operate exclusively within the physical world and as we did so our brain wired more and more neural circuits to support only that purpose. By the time most of us reach our teens, all of our brain’s neural circuitry has wired to focus our mind’s eye view, attention, thoughts, memories, emotions, and actions on the physical world around us and on our myriad reactions to what’s happening in it.

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