Reader Comments

I purchased your book The Physics of God on audible and I’ve listened to it in one day. It’s fantastic. I’m recommending it to everyone. Thank you so much for writing this book. It’s truly life changing information. Can’t wait to listen to the book again. 

A. K. 5/21/18

“The Physics of God” examines how the reality that contemporary physics paints relates to the reality that the great religions teach and what this can tell us about our existence. This is a subject that I have always been fascinated with, and this reading presents a level of detail and examination of this topic in a more clear and concise way than any I have previously read. This book is intense, fascinating, glorious, and thought provoking. Highly recommended!

M.B. 2/25/18

For the past 35 years, since Satori, I have been trying to help people to directly experience the truths that are held in this book, so this has been one of the best books I have ever read. And it has given me great joy and hope knowing that this information is coming to light.

D.B. 2/13/18

I just want to comment that I am immensely enjoying your book The Physics of God.  For many years, having a scientific background and outlook, I found it difficult to believe in a Creator God.  I must say that your book beautifully ties up the loose ends and makes the case for a God convincingly.  As a student of Metaphysics as well I have seen the holographic Universe theory before and the Hermetic Law of Correspondence, As Above So Below, nicely sums it all up.

B. B.

I…want to tell people about a wonderful book, The Physics of God, which is not only very informative and amazing, but actually helped my meditation. It is by Joseph Selbie, who was one of the initial founders of Ananda Village. He writes about how quantum physics and string theory and other scientific discoveries and theories support the existence of God/heaven/afterlife that mystics and people who have had near death experiences describe.

G.P 11/20/17

I cannot find the right words to express my true gratitude for your work. After reading your book “The Physics of God” I have a feeling that most “dots are finally connected” in my mind.

“The Physics of God” is the best thing that happened to me in my long 25 year old way of searching for answers. In my opinion, this book needs to be a mandatory reading material in high school senior year for the following reasons:
1) If you never asked yourself before where the world is coming from, “The Physics of God” is an excellent starting point, laying firm foundation for inquisitive mind to find its own way in the ocean of ideas, teachings and beliefs;
2) If you are looking for The Universal Logic and know a lot about it, but still need to connect a few dots in your mind, this book is for your, as it is a brilliant digest of hundreds of sources, written in simple language, helping you to look at the subject from various new angles;
3) If you consider yourself an advanced professional in your area of expertise, though trying to advance even further, “The Physics of God” will help to open your mind for many new research opportunities;
4) If you are a true believer in God, it will be comforting to find out, that science supports your faith and gives you the new tools and ways to communicate with Him, bringing Him closer to you through understanding His ways of communicating with you.
This list may go endlessly, the one thing is certain, “The Physics of God” will leave nobody indifferent, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it and I strongly recommend it to every person as just by reading it you will make our world one little step better.

M.E. 10/24/17

Thank you so much for writing this book. As a physics major and a believer in God, I’ve often been frustrated with the belief that science and religion conflict and those who ostracize those who do not agree.

H.B. 10/29/17

The author does an incredible job of explaining difficult quantum physics phenomenon, and bridging the often perceived gap between science and religion. But that is not only why I love this book so much. The author also does an incredible job of showing the common ground between various religions, rather than identifying one in particular as more true. I was so excited to learn how science backs up these common threads, and it makes me more of a believer. I am re-reading this book.

Eliza 11/2/17

I rarely write reviews, but this book is a true gem and deserves 5 stars. I can only add my own accolades to those of the other reviewers, who have already said what I would have written. I have read several other books relating to quantum physics and related topics, looking for some sort of clear understanding (so I can actually explain it to others), and this book is it. I love the logical and sometimes entertaining way he writes, by getting to the point without a lot of extraneous info that clutters up the (my) mind. I say it’s a WOW, because “Wow, I get it!”

I also love how he relates what he calls Scientific Materialism to Scientific Transcendence, the latter being of particular interest to me, as I’ve been involved with a spiritual path my entire life, and have read (too) many books about it. I’ve also had a daily meditative practice for the past 40+years, so I have direct experience, too. This book is a great synthesis.

Joseph has also written another fascinating gem of a book, “The Yugas: Keys to Understanding Our Hidden Past, Emerging Present and Future Enlightenment,” published in 2011. I just finished my 3rd reading of it (in different years) because there’s so much interesting information and it explains what’s going on in the world today, in addition to the past and future.

These 2 books are must-reads. Normally, if I see most of the reviews are 5 stars, I somewhat suspect they may be friends or family of the author. I am neither. I think all the positive reviews are a reflection of my own—the book(s) deserve it. Joseph is just a wonderful writer and researcher.

Annie 10/29/17

I’ve just finished reading “The Physics of God”. I feel like a person who’s used a smartphone for the first time; or GPS. “How did we manage to get along without this until now?” Joseph, I just want to thank you for making an amazingly complex and controversial subject to accessible, so clear—yes, even entertaining. I imagine some crisis that would bring Democrats and Republicans together (or Irish and British, or Israeli and Arab, or…). It would have to be something so much bigger than our current stuck ideas & prejudices, yes? (Or like Einstein did with E=mc2) For me, this book is just that: the “really big” perspective that UNIFIES the seeming conflicts of Science and Religion… and in a way I can embrace with both my mind and heart. Thank you! 🙂

D.B. 10/9/17

This book is the best of its kind! My life has long been informed by a longing for both scientific and spiritual understanding. I’ve been deeply inspired by both the ideas and ideals of the spiritual masters, and the elegant beauty of the physical laws that govern our universe.

Still, for me, there has been something of a chasm between the transcendent realities experienced in meditation and the rational understanding I’ve attained on how the universe works. This book has significantly helped to close that gap.

Joseph Selbie offers a clear description of the difficult concepts of quantum physics such as nonlocality and entanglement, the need for an intelligent viewer, and the dimensions and branes posited by M-theory. Even more importantly to me, he has penetrated the deeper meaning and significance of these important subjects.

Diving deep into the nature of reality, he has revealed an underlying unity that is in alignment with the transcendent ideals of the various religions of the world. Thank you, Mr. Selbie for sharing these lofty thoughts and ideas with the world.

J.H. 9/26/17

This author has a genius for surveying a complex field and pulling together the points that really matter. What science is discovering these days is really subtle. What near death experience is revealing about reality, also boggles the mind. The author weaves all the threads together in a way even a layperson like me can understand. I read every page — eagerly — and finally got the picture of what a revolution is at hand. A great read, on an important subject.

A.P. 9/18/17